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Fashion Industry Houston ~ Zoe Jackson-Jarra


Zoe Jackson-Jarra of Zoe Fashion Plate is a stylist, designer and musical artist here in Houston, Texas, and I was given the opportunity to pick her brain. Read below to see what she had to say.

Tell me about your life as a singer, stylist, and boutique owner. How do you manage it all?
I manage with early mornings and sometimes late nights if I have singing “gigs”. I have a to-do list that I usually write at night and examine the following morning, and try to do only those things that I’m “led” to do. I have very productive days and God gives me the strength and the grace to do it all.

What keeps you inspired?
I’m inspired by all that the world has to offer and the fact that my purpose is in the midst of it all.

As an admirer of your style, I would like to know is your everyday look always fabulous or do you have days when you prefer to be super laid-back?
Thank You. Well, first and foremost, I love fashion, so, I love to play dress up, anyway, but also, as a representative of a retail clothing boutique, there is a certain responsibility that goes along with that. I, also, however, have my laid-back days, sometimes, depending on what I have to do that day or when I’m traveling long distances or something for the sake of comfort.

What is your forecast for Fall 2014 and spring 2015, if it has crossed your mind. What are your thoughts on Fall 2013 and spring 2014?
I don’t really have a forecast on fashion in terms of seasons because I incorporate whatever elements that are out there with my own perspective. And, of course, at the end of the day, it’s all about customer satisfaction, and, the fact, that I know that they are coming to me for a one-of-a-kind uniqueness in their personal presentations. I do have a musical forecast, however, in that, the two are connected. My fashion is a reflection of my music and vice-versa. With that said, the company I co-founded, Zoe and Dede Publishing, is preparing to launch groundbreaking music that will be intertwined with fashion this year and for years to come.

I understand your boutique is now closed. Is it headed online? What will happen to your amazing collection of vintage and signature pieces?
Yes, the store has closed and has been online for quite some time under the supervision of my daughter, Ciera. Also, I will continue to have a collection of vintage and signature pieces because I am still a stylist for artists of various mediums including singers, painters, designers, and others, and, of course, myself.

Fashion Plate Lifestyle pieces Styled by Zoe Jackson-Jarra
Models: Josias Diaz & Style Twinz, Dannielle Biel and Adrienne Nichole

How’s the Houston fashion market for vintage wear & styling services?
I would have to say it is 100 percent appreciated by my clientele. That’s how I see things because everyone that comes to me is coming for what they already know I offer in the way of vintage wear and styling services.

For those who aspire to be a stylist and boutique owner, what tip would you leave them with?
Well, there would be a few tips that I would leave them with. Be knowledgeable about your interests in terms of the marketplace, the forecast in fashion and how to create prosperity in order for it to be a viable business.

What do you have in the works? Is there anything you can share that not many know about?
In business, I am as open as my client roster allows me to be which spans from Houston to destinations international. So, everything that I am pursuing will be known about at some point in time. However, things, generally include fashion and music. Keep following us at Zoe Fashion Plate because it is ever-expanding and growing, and for shopping visit Babes and Felines

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